Should i meet up with my ex for closure

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If your ex asks for space, give her 3 to 7 days where both you and her cut off all communication. Then, contact her via text or on the phone to create a spark and reactivate her feelings for you again. When you interact with her, try to get her to meet up with you in person. If she still says something like, "It's only been a week. I was, I think, a compulsive liar in my late teens and early 20s.I had, in some ways, a pretty awful adolescence. I was fortunate to meet a. As long as it make you feel better, then what your ex or people think doesn’t really matter. • If your feeling and emotions drive you to do things you regret later or make you feel weak, block them. In the end, the deciding factor should not be revenge or wanting to hurt them back, because in the process, we hurt ourselves too.
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